“I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. This firm was very conscientious and detailed with the preparation of my case. My personal injury solicitor and staff of RJ O’Halloran & Co always followed me up on any appointments and I was immediately notified when new points in my case were to be discussed. The reliability and great reputation of this very old firm is exactly what I was after. I was ecstatic with the outcome. I would not hesitate recommending this firm for a personal injury matter or other legal work.”

- Belinda of Tamworth Motor Vehicle Accident

“I was first introduced to R.J O’Halloran & Co. by a business partner while living in Tamworth almost 20 years ago. I have since moved to Newcastle but despite the distance I maintained my partnership with O’Halloran’s. They have been my one stop shop for all my business transactions, family trusts and companies, real estate transactions and recently a personal injury claim.  There are no hurdles to overcome when I need to talk to any of the partners, associates or member of staff. They are a truly family firm, friendly and attentive and unlike the rest they are very approachable.”

- Steve of Newcastle Motor Vehicle Accident

“Andrew O’Halloran was highly recommended to me by a good friend and neighbour around the time I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, in which I was a not at fault motorcycle rider. I sustained injuries and ongoing health problems as a result of the accident. Andrew and his legal team represented me in a claim for compensation. . It is without hesitation that I would recommend his services to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation as mine and in need of good legal service. In my opinion Andrew would be one of the best, if not the best, in his field.”

-Ben of Tamworth Motor Vehicle Accident

“I engaged Patrick O’Halloran to draft a Partnership Agreement, Absolutely everyone in town I spoke to recommended Patrick O’Halloran I can see why his experience and expertise is unmatched, he went above and beyond the call of duty, I cant speak highly enough of him.”

- James of Tamworth Partnership Agreement

“I would like to thank Douglas Biffin for dealing with my Parents estate, he was very professional and compassionate. I would recommend him to all my friends going through a difficult time.”

-Tim & Jessica of Manilla Estate Matter

“Many thanks to Richard O’Halloran for handling the sale of my business and Commercial Lease from start to finish he was exceptional in our first purchase, the process was made simple, we will always recommend Richard.”

> Simon of Tamworth Commercial Property Investor

I would like to sincerely thank the Conveyancing girls at O’Halloran’s for handling my sale and then purchase of an investment property, Cate and Renee kept me informed throughout the whole conveyancing process dealt with the real estate agent and bank to ensure a smooth settlement. They had my complete trust and ensured the transaction went smoothly.

Phillip of Nundle Property Transaction 

“This has been a very rare example of circumstances where I have needed Legal Representation and do not anticipate any significant increase in that need! However, should the need arise, I will most certainly again seek your services. In the meantime, I trust you will allow me to refer to your firm as my Solicitors”

Letter from Frank Maundrell of Nundle

 Poem for Patrick O’Halloran

OL Paddy was a legal man, now living in the bush, if someone needed his advice he didn’t need a push,

He enjoyed the simple things in life, and lived upon the wing, his family and his many friends just meant his everything.

He searched around in search of Gold, Sometimes he found some colour, sometimes he just enjoyed the bush or living with another,

The peace within we all could share with family friends or others, to give not take makes life divine,

Paddy had not been a happy man he’d seen much greed and hate and style that man inflicts upon another soul to cause misery in their life,

Our Paddy made it his life’s work to do his utmost best to be champion for the underdog me thinks it was god’s test!

Their Paddy had a heard of gold, passed down from Dad and Mother, He found God’s test a piece of cake “we must take care of each other”.

For those of us who have the luck, and have had Paddy on our case, to guide us through when we are lost, he makes the world a better place.

Ol Paddy was a legal man a gift from God to many, his compassion, care and kindly ways I know are Legendary!

Pamela Boreham 15.5.2015

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