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IMG_2812Richard John O’Halloran commenced practicing in the Tamworth region after his admissions to the Supreme Court on the 21 November 1903. He married Cecily Margaret Byrne on the 3 July 1907, later migrating to the Tamworth area from Maitland. R.J O’Halloran personified the well-rounded country lawyer. He was an advocate with reputation for success in criminal cases, participating in 14 murder trials. As a leading sportsman in the district participating in cricket and football and had his own racing stables.

Prior to R.J O’Halloran’s admission to the Supreme Court in 1903, R.J worked as secretary to Sir Edmund Barton, who in 1901 became Australia’s first Prime Minister.

Once settled in Tamworth, Mr. R.J O’Halloran became an active member of the community and parish affairs, and with a committee (Messrs. O’Halloran, Regan and Fitzpatrick) was instrumental in bringing the Christian Brothers to Tamworth in 1926, leading to the establishment of the Christian Brothers College (now known as St Nicholas Primary School), built in Carthage Street.

10950015_778905472195160_917448839_nHe built up a vigorous family practice, with the help of his two sons John Daniel and Harry Paul O’Halloran, in which he participated until shortly before his death in June 1952.

John Daniel O’Halloran was admitted to the Supreme Court as a solicitor on 25 August 1933, and practiced as a partner with his father until his enlistment with the Royal Australian Air Force in 1939. Sergeant J.D O’Halloran was killed on August 1 1942 whilst in active service with the RAAF flying over Belgium during World War Two.

Harry Paul O’Halloran was admitted to the Supreme Court in 1948 and became an active member of the Tamworth Community until his death on the 25 October 2010.

After the outbreak of World War Two, Harry enlisted in the Australian Army and served in New Guinea. He was in charge of the communications, signals and other forms of military surveillance. His role was to receive and transmit message and provide private intelligence for the Allies and, importantly, to intercept and decode messages from the Japanese.

croppedWhen the war ended in 1945, he returned to the family law firm, completed his legal studies, was admitted as a Solicitor and Attorney of the Supreme Court.

H.P O’Halloran provided quality legal service to the Tamworth and surrounding districts for 62 years practicing up until shortly before his death in 2010 being known as ‘the Peoples Lawyer’. He was honoured by the Law Society by reason of 50 years of service to the region.

Today R.J O’Halloran & Co is a progressive practice and the O’Halloran name is continued with Patrick and Andrew O’Halloran as managing partners of the firm. The firm also employs Richard O’Halloran and this now constitutes a 4th generation family owned legal practice. The firm also welcomes Douglas Biffin who has a long link to the Tamworth Community. The firm is now into its 115 year and continues to strive for excellence in assisting clients.

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