IMG_2812Providing 115 years of Legal Expertise to the New England Region

R.J. O’Halloran & Co is a 4th generation family owned and operated legal practice in country New South Wales. The firm delivers specialist, pragmatic and personalised legal services to clients. In 2017 the Firm was nominated for Regional Business of the year.

4th Generation Solicitors 

The firms patriarch, Richard John O’Halloran, established the legal firm in 1903. Richard O’Halloran’s two sons John Daniel and Harry Paul also practicing in the firm for a period of time.

The firm is highly reputable and employs a number of staff with a view to providing professional and expert legal services in a wide range of  areas of law. The firm’s partners brothers Patrick James and Andrew John O’Halloran have recently been joined by Douglas John Biffin and Patick’s son Richard James O’Halloran. 

Personalised Legal Services

This firm prides itself on providing a unique, personalised and confidential service to our clients from one of our highly qualified expert practitioners in a cost efficient, and timely manner. Our clients range from some of the regions largest businesses and developers in the New England and North West of New South Wales through to investors, not for profit organisations and private individuals. The firm is actively involved in the local community and acts with integrity and proficiency in assisting clients.

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